Field Day November 2013

 For the final HFFN field day for 2013, fifteen members joined Patty and Karen who are involved in the management of the only significant rain forest near Sydney, the ‘Forest of Tranquillity’ at Ourimbah, for a walk through this magical place. The conditions were perfect in spite of the property receiving its largest rainfall in November.  While everyone had their morning tea in a sheltered area, Patty alerted everyone to safety issues in the forest and a staff member gave an interesting talk about leeches.  There are about 200 species of plants of which 50 are vines.  A 5 km walk through the forest revealed extremely large and tall Sydney Blue Gums and Turpentine trees, rain forest trees and vines and a smaller area had mainly Bangalow Palms.  The moisture content on the day was 90% – ideal for a rainforest along with creeks, a suitable soil and aspect.

 A Private Vegetation Plan has been obtained, which ensures this unique place will be preserved.

Members thanked Patty and Karen for providing an insight into this forest, their future plans and sharing it.


A meeting was held during lunch time to discuss next year’s program, finalise the new constitution, collaborating with the Conservation Volunteers Australia and the ‘In Safe Hands Toolkit’ and general business.

Hunter Farm Forestry Network (HFFN) facilitates the exchange of information about farm forestry and promotes the productive and sustainable use of trees on farms in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.

Farm Forestry takes many forms including timber belts, windbreaks, revegetation projects and timber production

Farm forestry includes  commercial trees and shrubs incorporated into farm operations.

Farm Forestry improves agricultural productivity.

It’s about which tree you want, for the purpose that you want.