Field Day 27 August 2017

Ward’s River.

A very interesting day looking at a large commercial scale plantation established by the Forestry Commission on private land. The landholder has since taken over management of the plantation.

The establishment of the plantation included deep ripping, mounding, application of residual herbicides before planting a selection of species in large monoculture plots of Spotted Gum, Flooded Gum and Blackbutt. The appropriateness of the establishment practices and choice of species was the subject of extensive animated discussion.

Last summer a wild fire burnt a large proportion of the plantation. Many of the species survived quite well, but the flooded gum were severely damaged.


The Blackbutt survived the fire well

As usual, morning tea and lunch were convivial and a great social addition to the serious side of the day.

Thanks to our hosts, Denise and Geoff.

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Farm Forestry takes many forms including timber belts, windbreaks, revegetation projects and timber production

Farm forestry includes  commercial trees and shrubs incorporated into farm operations.

Farm Forestry improves agricultural productivity.

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