March 2011 Field day

A 100 hectare property at Mount Vincent was inspected by over twenty people. Sixty percent of the property is a voluntary conservation area including endangered ecological communities, a gorge and rainforest and a range of other conservation values. The remainder of the property is being managed as private native forestry with a property vegetation plan being prepared. Significant management issues are coordinating the two major landuses and the success achieved in reducing lantana by the splattter gun approach.

Hunter Farm Forestry Network (HFFN) facilitates the exchange of information about farm forestry and promotes the productive and sustainable use of trees on farms in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.

Farm Forestry takes many forms including timber belts, windbreaks, revegetation projects and timber production

Farm forestry includes  commercial trees and shrubs incorporated into farm operations.

Farm Forestry improves agricultural productivity.

It’s about which tree you want, for the purpose that you want.