November 2009 Field day

The venue for the November field day was changed at the last minute, because the miller no longer had a mill. The day was held at a biodynamic farm which has just established a small plantation. We inspected the plantation and many other plantings on the farm, including some very impressive river bank replanting. We were driven inside by some rain and forced to have an AGM and plan for 2010. a pleasant way to cap off another year.

Hunter Farm Forestry Network (HFFN) facilitates the exchange of information about farm forestry and promotes the productive and sustainable use of trees on farms in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.

Farm Forestry takes many forms including timber belts, windbreaks, revegetation projects and timber production

Farm forestry includes  commercial trees and shrubs incorporated into farm operations.

Farm Forestry improves agricultural productivity.

It’s about which tree you want, for the purpose that you want.