TOCAL Exhibit May 3rd – 5th 2013

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HHFN provided an exhibit at TOCAL within the CMA site on land care.  The messages of the display were to show visitors photos of forest regrowth, examples of cut timber and the damages to the tree that had occurred, information on the next field day, and to provide an outline of what members of HHFN aim to achieve in terms preserving the forests in the Hunter area.  Two members of HFFN gave talks on forestry to visitors.  Several visitors expressed an interest in joining HFFN and received back copies of the Australian Agroforestry journal.

Hunter Farm Forestry Network (HFFN) facilitates the exchange of information about farm forestry and promotes the productive and sustainable use of trees on farms in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.

Farm Forestry takes many forms including timber belts, windbreaks, revegetation projects and timber production

Farm forestry includes  commercial trees and shrubs incorporated into farm operations.

Farm Forestry improves agricultural productivity.

It’s about which tree you want, for the purpose that you want.